“Chief Dunham’s book tells a story.”

I know you are thinking, but all books tell a story. Not always. Sometimes writers get caught up “in the weeds,” and you struggle to get a full picture because you are inundated with the oversharing of information. This book catches you from the beginning with her description of her family, friends, experiences, and lessons learned. I connected with the family dynamics, financial struggles, career concerns, and knowing God always has a plan. You just have to have faith. As I read her story, it explained what I have always known about her. She has grace, unlike anyone else. It is in the way she speaks and listens to others and her ability to encourage, validate, and support. But in the same regards knowing she will always fight for what is right and that she doesn’t mind getting dirty along the way. She is a fighter. Buy this book!! It is worth the read. I will be recommending it to friends, family, and coworkers.”

Livvy Moore

“Becoming Chief is more than just

an autobiography. It is the true depiction of what it actually means to take the ‘road less traveled’ in life amidst adversity, pain, and discrimination to achieve YOUR ultimate success story. Such an easy read and full of positive affirmations, insight, and wisdom. If you have any inkling of giving up on your own story, be sure to pick up Chief Dunham’s book to rekindle your fire of perseverance and hope!”

“Girls, especially girls of color,

are often given more messages about what they can’t do than what they can. Wanda’s book is filled with hard-earned life lessons about what it takes to succeed. Her experiences will inspire girls and women from all backgrounds to aim high and go after what they want in life, even if that is beyond what they are told to expect.”

“Becoming Police Chief is a quick

enlightening, and informative read. The chapters are actually ‘quick bites’ that convey an important life lesson using real events from the Chief’s life. The practicality of her mama and her dad’s personality are mainstays that formed the Chief’s foundation and guided her throughout her life. This book is very relatable and helps you see that not every closed door is a setback. There’s a lot of hopefulness in believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with good people—and knowing that God has your best interests at heart. If you’re starting your career or feeling like you’ve reached your peak, the Chief’s book is a potent reminder of the benefits of following your dreams.”

Alisa Jackson

“Becoming Chief is a memorable story

of a courageous woman who showed incredible resilience. Her perseverance makes Becoming Chief a captivating story. This book skillfully outlines how faith can lead you from the direction of a ‘well-traveled road’ toward a ‘road less traveled.’ A road that leads to some of the most significant impacts on her race, gender, and historical achievements in law enforcement. This book is an “AMAZING” read filled with familiar characters Wanda shares her life with and includes funny, candid, and profound stories. Can not wait for the next volume!!!”

Jacqueline Malone, Entrepreneur